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The BIG Trip

JC spent the summer studying for the MCAT - which he took on the 7th. He decided that with his last few weeks before the term started we should take a family trip (something we've never done before). We were a bit nervous taking Hulk. Aside from getting bored on the way to Salt Lake, he traveled well.

We stopped first in Salt Lake to see JC's Grandmother: Karen Campbell. We spent a week there and were able to attend a session at the Salt Lake Temple and visit the Zoo and Thanksgiving Point.
Meeting Great Grandma Karen for the first time

Momma and baby and Momma and baby

Eternal Family <3

Hulk did not enjoy meeting Joseph Smith
Thanksgiving Point
After a week we headed north towards the Tetons. We made a brief detour to visit the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island.

The Great Salt Lake
Daddy's little co-pilot
 We spent two days camping and hiking in the Tetons. We did not see any wildlife but did enjoy the views and beautiful mountains.

Hulk slept through most of it
After the Tetons we kept heading north through Yellowstone. We saw several buffalo, antelope, and deer. We also saw a moose, coyote, and a bear. One day, while driving down the road we came across a herd of buffalo moseying their way down the road. JC stopped the car for them to pass by us. As they did the bull stopped and stared us down, even lowering his head to the hood of the car.  

Buffalo enjoying a meal while the Grand Geyser explodes in the background
ps. the Grand Geyser is 109284893890x's cooler than Old Faithful
 We came across a brown bear enjoying the meal on the side of the road. Because its head was down we could not get a good picture of it - that is until Hulk started screaming and the bear raised its head in response. Hence Hulk = bear bait

We went on several hikes to view the beautiful halls

Hulk did not mind the tent life

Davy Crockett Jr. in the making