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Hulk's Firsts - Halloween

As Halloween approached this year I figured JC and I were a little old for trick-or-treating and taking a 3 month old would only be self serving. Despite this a friend talked me into going to downtown Corvallis. It was a neat experience. All of the downtown stores, from 5th to the water front participate in handing out candy to little kids (with special candy reserved for the parents) from 1-5pm. What a great and safe way to enjoy the holiday. 

After exploring downtown Hulk and I picked JC up from campus and we drove over to WinCo to pick out a pumpkin (they had ~10 left, it was slim pickings).

Hulk helping carve the pumpkin

Little giraffes like green flowers

Playing with Daddy while Mommy prepped the pumpkin

Final product!
JC carved the pumpkin. I think it turned out adorable! We weren't sure whether to buy candy or not. We ended up buying a bag of mixed chocolate, just in case. Good thing because we did end up with a few trick-or-treaters (including a cute fairy princess).