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Meet the Mormons

I am super stoked to see this movie:

I hope you are too :)
It is coming out in theaters FRIDAY 10/10/14, for locations go here
*hint, hot date JC? anyone want to babysit for us?*

In the mean time I have become obsessed with this song:
For your free download go here.
*hint, piano music as a Christmas present?*

I love the message of the song (and Archuleta's voice isn't too bad to listen to either). We're all unique and necessary. We all play an important part in the melody that is life and God's plan. Often it may seem that our part is unimportant, or that it clashes with the rest of the orchestra and is therefore unwanted, but that is only because we can't hear the whole symphony - yet.  

Last night I was able to talk to my brother just before he stepped onto the plane for Hong Kong and then a connecting flight Cambodia. I feel blessed that I was able to have an opportunity that is usually only reserved for parents. He is off to wonderful things, for a loving God, to a people that will be blessed.

The gospel is awesome!