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End of Summer Thoughts

The end of August marked the beginning of a new school term. It also means that the Ohio weather has become more mild. We're sooooo excited for the humidity to be over. 
Humidity is the worst.
Hulk sleeping on the plane
Hulk and I were able to go home and see family for a week.
Aside from a cold, we had a great time.

Visiting my sister's grave
I am really grateful that my mother-in-law (Nana) was able and willing to spend nearly the whole visit with Hulk and I. When people mention their in-laws it's rarely in a positive light. My in-laws are amazing and I am grateful for the relationship we have.

The whole family together <3
Hulk has a really weird bond with Nana. He asks for her everyday, asks when she's going to visit next, why can't we visit her, can we call her, why we can't call her at 4am pst. We checked this book out from the library that he loved called "Hello, my name is Bob." (it's pretty cute). Now he goes around giving objects names. His favorite is, "Hello, my name is Nana!" When I've had to tell him "no" more than once I'll say, "I said 'no'." He'll respond by saying, "Nana said yes." (even though she's 2500 miles away and has no idea this exchange occurred).
He's obsessed with his Nana.
And rightly so, she devotes every moment to him. She's the perfect grandma and spoils him.

Hiking with Nana
 He also doesn't do well with change.
He likes to feel in control and change messes with his 3 year old perception of the world.

Beautiful Oregon coast
 So when we went home I made a conscious effort to ensure Hulk could spend as much time with Nana as possible. This would mean that my parents and siblings would need to make more of an effort to spend time with him. It's not that he wouldn't be willing to spend time with them with Nana around but he wouldn't need to go in search of playmates with her there. Another reason for my decision was JC and I had just moved to a new apartment, started attending a new church, and our schedules had changed to adjust to the new location.

The family <3
 Hulk wasn't coping well and I felt time with Nana would help him. And it has, he has been so much happier since we returned to Ohio. He still has his moments but they're much less frequent. He no longer melts to the floor in tears begging to go "home" when we are already at our apartment. Nana was going to come visit in October but JC and I feel that Hulk is doing well enough that he could make it to Christmas without her. Before my trip to Oregon we didn't think he could.

Reading the trail map
I have no doubt this is just a phase he's going through. Right now, Nana is his security blanket.
(he even prefers her to me which is hard)

Two trolls in a cave
As Hulk's mother I acted in what I still believe was his best interest. The decision was made, the trip has been completed, and now it is in the past *insert Disney quote*. I checked with my parents and siblings, they weren't offended or threatened by Nana's presence.

Grandpa the sherpa
JC and I are married. His family is my family not just now but for eternity. Right now, Hulk prefers JC's mom over my parents. Fact. But she's still family, my family. It would be easy for a member of my side of the family to feel threatened because Hulk prefers Nana. She's an in-law and easily seen as an outsider. In contrast, if Hulk had spent our time in Oregon glued to one of my parents or siblings, it would have been easy for members on my side of the family to think his actions were really cute and sweet.

First time together in 2 years 
Fortunately I have awesome parents and siblings who trust and respect my position as Hulk's mother. I am grateful that my parents were able to encourage me to be an independent and confident woman.
Not to talk myself up but I like the person they created :)

Who knows? Maybe next year he'll prefer my mom ;)