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My Once a Year Blog Post

When we first started this blog my family was feeling the full momentum of the blogging movement. My aunt even had a personal goal to write a daily blog post for a whole month. It was a way for us to stay connected. Fast forward a few years and now we send each other emails and Marco Polo App videos. Ahh, how the times have changed. Does anyone even read blogs anymore?? Hello, anyone else out there? Nope. Just me :)

I do appreciate for profit bloggers and reading their cooking/home improvement/diy blogs. It allows me to live vicariously through them and for that brief moment I feel like my life isn't a mess (it's really not but everyone loves a bit of drama). But seriously, as I write this my four-month old is screaming and my four-year old is eating ice cream for breakfast. So... #momgoals I blame JC for the ice cream thing. Yesterday, he ate cake for breakfast because we are out of milk and apparently he doesn't know how to scramble eggs. Hulk saw him eating cake and wanted to know why he couldn't have ice cream for breakfast (since Hulk doesn't like cake, ice cream is his equivalent).

So happy "late" New Year

Caught her with a smile #momwin


Update: Promotion

We are Pleased to inform you that in recognition of excellent performance in the family, rendered by Hulk, he will be promoted to Big Brother effective October 2017.


Campbell & Olsen, Co.

ps. We bought a house


Feeling 22

My dad's brother died in a traffic accident early January 1st, 2016. We don't know why, I think my grandparents will always wonder. It has been hardest for them to accept. He was only 37 and left behind a young family. He was a bibliophile and wrote poetry; my grandmother has been going through his things and found a piece that he wrote when my sister died in 1995.  

Funeral Customs

My brother's baby
Was born without a brain.
A lot of crying, a lot of wishing,
But I don't think it was in pain.

The baby would never grow up,
We could never ask it.
They told me to take pictures 
And help lower the casket.

People brought over food.
Everyone sat eating in the room.
I escaped and played with my friends,
Escaped the crushing gloom.

A loved one dies
And people sure do funny things.
All I can do is try to decipher
The custom it brings.

After death my final wish
Is the burn.
Keep me out of the ground,
Put me in an urn.

-Carl Olsen

Happy 22n'd Birthday little sister :)