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President Elect

Donald Trump was elected president last night. I still can't believe it. I feel like this is a walking nightmare. Apparently people felt the same way when Obama was elected president (what?!). And Obama was a decent president. He was no Roosevelt but he did the best he could with the messed up situation he was given.

Neither JC or I voted for Trump nor Clinton but we did vote. We believe it is our civic duty to be involved in government politics and that includes voting. The speeches given by both parties today were very good. They emphasized unity and the need to work together. Countries work better when people look beyond race, class, religion, or sex and come together to build each other up.

I hope that people voted for Trump because he supports a conservative supreme court judge or he represents an anti-establishment not previously seen in other candidates and they hope he'll be able to change Washington. I hope that people did not vote for Trump because they believe he's less of a threat to our nation than Clinton or because they are misogynistic racists.

It's scary enough bringing up a child in this world. I hope that this change will be for the better and that we will be able to unite to create a better place for ourselves and our children. I hope that Hulk will be able to grow into a compassionate and selfless man.

I hope that God will bless America.