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The Crafty Campbells: Crayon Shaving Art

Hulk and I made some Valentine's Day themed art for our front window last weekend. 

It was simple and I only ruined one towel. The hardest part was creating the crayon shavings. I had tried a knife, potato peeler, and cheese grater by the time JC suggested a pencil sharpener. That was the winner. However, shaving crayons created a problem: A LOT of static (and blisters - I'm currently typing this with bandaged fingers). So I did some web-surfing to search for suggested solutions. I find that if I have a problem it is safe to assume that I am not the first to experience said problem. So after a few clever word suggestions into google BAM. 
Problem solved. 
(Thank you, random stranger)
But that was not the case with these overly static crayon shavings. There were complaints online, so I knew I was not alone, but no suggestions. Using my high school knowledge of static electricity and a few texts with my dad I decided that a dryer sheet would be the best solution.
Other ideas were: spreading them out on a wood surface (messy) and spritzing with water.
<3 Happy Valentine's Day <3