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48 hours (in the Columbia District)

The weekend before Christmas we flew back East for the second wedding in 6 months for the Campbell Clan. 

We got to our hotel around 4:30pm Friday (east coast time) and were back at the airport before 4pm on Sunday.

JC + EO on the flight out

Bridal Party at the hotel - left to right: Cassie, mom, Scott, EO, Ryan

Bride to be with Grandma Charlotte

Campbell Clan at the pre-wedding dinner

Saturday: Taking our own glamor shots at the Washington D.C. Temple

Newly weds Ryan and Cassie

The wedding party trying to stay warm

Stealing the bouquet for more glamor shots (bride + groom in background) 

We had free time before the reception in Charlottesville, VA so we went to Court's old stomping grounds (University of Virginia)

 The first dance

Trouble Makers

Sunday: We visited the National Mall while driving illegally 

The newest monument in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. 

Okapi at The Museum of National History - taken in honor of Es


Double lives end ...for now.

EO and I have lived apart for the better portion of our nearly three year relationship. I lived in Seattle most of the time, while EO was in Corvallis. Having finished my degree EO and I were recapping our time apart was we drove down from Seattle and these are some numbers we came up with.

Since September of 2009...

20 = Times JC drove to Corvallis and back Seattle
8 =Times EO made the trip, most recently arriving via train.
15,120 = Miles traveled, 540 round trip
280 = Approximate Total Hours of Combined Travel Time
$1960 = Approximate Cost of Gas

55647 = Minutes spent on the phone together (minimum), not including skype or landlines

P.S. - EO doesn't have horns, she has a bow on her head.


Thanksgiving with the Campbells

This year, instead of splitting T-day festivities between three different houses and three different feasts we settled for just one and this is how it went (the Campbell way).

We began our day feasting on home made doughnuts to hold us over until the Turkey was ready.

 While waiting for food we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Green Bay Packers destroy the Lions. Every year JC, Scott (brother), Court (dad), Cassie (sister) and Ryan (Cassie's fiance) have a competition to see who can best predict the outcome of the football games for that season. They pick the game winners the week before and then tally to see who was able to correctly predict the most games. So far Cassie is annihilating the boys.   

The family (from left to right): Chloe (ginormous dog/horse), Scott, Court, Kingston (even bigger dog/horse), Jules, Sumner (her fiance) and JC

Momma le chef principal (mom)

(as far as Campbell T-days go there is a surprising lack of Stuffing ... and cheese balls)

We digested over a game of Ticket to Ride and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. After I went for a run while the family watched The Lion King. I got back in time to watch the Texas vs. Texas A&M game.

Scott and Kingston

Jules learning how to knit

Chloe sneaking into the kitchen for left over turkey

Friday JC and I went to Portland and shopped around. We bought a few Christmas presents before heading to the Temple which was a nice way to end a hectic day. 

Friday night JC's family went to dinner (we were in Portland) and a movie leaving the dogs at home. While away they got into the garbage and ate the turkey innards. The next day Kingston did not feel well and threw up a few times (outside).

Saturday involved lots of homework, more Ticket to Ride, the Civil War and Virginia vs. Virginia Tech. Cassie is a student at Virginia and works as a water girl for the football team. Sumner and I have a theory that the only reason the Campbells watched the Virginia game was to see if they could see her on the sidelines. Our favorite quote of the evening was, "I think I saw Cassie's arm!"

We ended our weekend by setting up our Christmas Tree!

Unsuccessful family photo

The finished product

It was a laid back and fun weekend with family. Next year: CP 


Concert in Seattle!

Thanks to a unique birthday present from my little sis. EO and I got to see one of my favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie, in concert. EO only knew a few of their songs, but she got really excited when she heard them. This was EO's first concert and just my third. A newer Seattle band The Head and the Heart opened the concert before Death Cab came out and played for nearly two hours.

We took some video that was too big for the blog so it's on YouTube.

I will follow you into the dark

We both love this song.


A very pumpkiny post

JC drove down for a visit a many weekends ago so we tried to pretend like we are exciting people and actually do things.

We went to a Family Farm with a corn maze, hay ride, and lost of farming byproducts. 

Climbing around a pile of hay

Lost in the corn maze so we stopped for a photo opp

Took a hay ride out to a pumpkin patch

Hunting for the perfect pumpkin

Found some!

Ended up getting two ~40 lb pumpkins 

 We did not have time to carve them while JC was in Cville so EO took them with her when she went to the Emerald City.

JC modeling how to carve pumpkins

Right before attempting to eat the gross mush. 

Planning how to carve the perfect pumpkin

EO's pumpkin turned to mush before a photo shoot could be taken but JC's turned out fierce!



This is a short story I wrote for Japanese literature earlier this term to go along with a poem from the Kokinshū, which is an ancient Japanese text. The poem is translated for meaning so it does not have the same rhythm as it does in its native language....


The war had raged on for years and there seemed to be no end in sight. Shitami Yuzuru was one of the lucky ones as the last of his friends had been conscripted months ago. For many of them their war was already over. He couldn’t sleep as usual listening to the sound of the bombs pounding villages in the distance. The last several days the bombardments were getting closer every night. When he couldn’t sleep he usually thought of his friends still fighting in the war. He wondered where they were and if they were safe and warm. Fall had ended early this year and now it felt as if it were winter once the sun went down. However, tonight Shitami wasn’t thinking about his friends still off in the war. His thoughts were on his wife Mei, and newborn daughter Ai. He knew they would be safe tomorrow.

The moaning of his neighbor an old lady, Mrs. Okii, caught his attention for a second. When a government vehicle arrived at her door earlier that day Shitami thought he knew what that meant. Shitami’s best friend was Mrs. Okii’s son, Yuki. He had volunteered to fight in the war and had been gone for nearly two years. Mrs. Okii was prepared and ready for the news that she expected everyday but, that wasn’t the message she received. The separatists had bombed the village where Yuki had been living with his wife and two children before he left for the war. Nothing was left of the village just 10 miles over the eastern hills.

The letter Shitami was now grasping in his hand was given to him by the same official after leaving Mrs. Okii’s house. He was to report to the station at oh six hundred. He would head east just as Mei and Ai would flee west over the sea.

古今 p. 161



Into the mist, glowing with dawn

across the Bay of Akashi

a boat carries my thoughts

into hiding,

islands beyond.