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Thanksgiving with the Campbells

This year, instead of splitting T-day festivities between three different houses and three different feasts we settled for just one and this is how it went (the Campbell way).

We began our day feasting on home made doughnuts to hold us over until the Turkey was ready.

 While waiting for food we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Green Bay Packers destroy the Lions. Every year JC, Scott (brother), Court (dad), Cassie (sister) and Ryan (Cassie's fiance) have a competition to see who can best predict the outcome of the football games for that season. They pick the game winners the week before and then tally to see who was able to correctly predict the most games. So far Cassie is annihilating the boys.   

The family (from left to right): Chloe (ginormous dog/horse), Scott, Court, Kingston (even bigger dog/horse), Jules, Sumner (her fiance) and JC

Momma le chef principal (mom)

(as far as Campbell T-days go there is a surprising lack of Stuffing ... and cheese balls)

We digested over a game of Ticket to Ride and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. After I went for a run while the family watched The Lion King. I got back in time to watch the Texas vs. Texas A&M game.

Scott and Kingston

Jules learning how to knit

Chloe sneaking into the kitchen for left over turkey

Friday JC and I went to Portland and shopped around. We bought a few Christmas presents before heading to the Temple which was a nice way to end a hectic day. 

Friday night JC's family went to dinner (we were in Portland) and a movie leaving the dogs at home. While away they got into the garbage and ate the turkey innards. The next day Kingston did not feel well and threw up a few times (outside).

Saturday involved lots of homework, more Ticket to Ride, the Civil War and Virginia vs. Virginia Tech. Cassie is a student at Virginia and works as a water girl for the football team. Sumner and I have a theory that the only reason the Campbells watched the Virginia game was to see if they could see her on the sidelines. Our favorite quote of the evening was, "I think I saw Cassie's arm!"

We ended our weekend by setting up our Christmas Tree!

Unsuccessful family photo

The finished product

It was a laid back and fun weekend with family. Next year: CP 

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad you had a good time. The unsuccessful family photo is sure good of you! We played Ticket to Ride also! Neil has the Nordic one. (You probably know that already.) Sheryl omitted the cheese ball this year to lessen the calories.