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Double lives end ...for now.

EO and I have lived apart for the better portion of our nearly three year relationship. I lived in Seattle most of the time, while EO was in Corvallis. Having finished my degree EO and I were recapping our time apart was we drove down from Seattle and these are some numbers we came up with.

Since September of 2009...

20 = Times JC drove to Corvallis and back Seattle
8 =Times EO made the trip, most recently arriving via train.
15,120 = Miles traveled, 540 round trip
280 = Approximate Total Hours of Combined Travel Time
$1960 = Approximate Cost of Gas

55647 = Minutes spent on the phone together (minimum), not including skype or landlines

P.S. - EO doesn't have horns, she has a bow on her head.


  1. Today is the first day of the rest of your life together.

  2. haha... not horns...hehehe