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This post is dedicated to some of the awesome things JC has said:

After I asked him if he found my new hair style attractive:
That's not why I'm attracted to you, it's because of your ninja skills.

When moving into our first apartment:
Do you think it is too early in our relationship to have a yard sale?

After telling him he better do something if he wanted a happy wife:
The only reason I would want a happy wife is if I wanted a happy life! Who says I want a happy life?

Any day EO runs is a good day

While making my birthday dinner:
I have a little fat guy in me that cooks things. Sometimes he's Japanese.

While wondering if I was on campus when part way through my pregnancy:
Did you come into work or are you at home being pregnant?

In reference to Hulk:
Woah, that kid is big! If football wasn't bad for his brain, I'd say we have a winner.

On my birthday:
Hulk, today your mother is one year wiser but she is not one year older. Women stop turning older after they're 21.

I love this man <3