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Holiness to the Lord - The House of the Lord

This blog is in response to Gma's blog which I believe pertains to God's children of all ages. 

I don't know when I developed a testimony. I don't remember having any life changing experiences or praying like Enos. I think I first knew the church was true because I, like Nephi, had been born to goodly parents and I trusted them. It is not good to base your testimony off of others, but I think it really helped me during my conversion process to have such good examples in my life. However you develop your own testimony it is important to keep exercising it. It is like endurance in sports. It has a short shelf life and will not stick around forever. There are 3 primary ways to build your testimony: Pray, Read the Scriptures, and Go to Church. (not necessarily in that order). 

Setting the goal to go to the temple when you are of age, and then regularly going throughout your life is important. You learn something new every single time you go. Personally, I like hard goals. You appreciate things more when you have to work for them. But don't set goals that are unobtainable. I also believe it is important to go with family. I really don't like going to the temple with out JC. I can not imagine being in Heaven without my family and the temple is a bit of Heaven on Earth. 

I really appreciated being able to go to the temple in Oaxaca. Each time I went it was like going home. I think also hearing the gospel in Spanish has given better insight. 

For example: We usually say that Satan beguiled Eve. That is to say he tricked her. 
In Spanish they use the verb ganar - which means to win or gain. Satan won Eve. 

I believe that this applies to us too. When we do something that is contrary to the commandments of God, Satan wins. Satan also never gives up - but God will never give up on you. That is why He sent His son to be an example for us. Through Jesus Christ, we have the Atonement and the opportunity to renew our baptismal covenants every week with the Sacrament and be clean again. 

We are not here on this Earth to be perfect but to learn how to be perfect like our Father in Heaven is perfect. It is important to set righteous goals and when you make a mistake quickly repent and try again.  


Summer Harvest

I would say and EO would probably agree with my assessment that I would not typically choose to spend my free time gardening.  However, before EO left for Mexico she planted a garden for me to cultivate while she is away.  Although I still don't spend a lot time on it I have managed not to kill off all the plants.  I like the flowers best because I don't have to worry about produce. Currently the biggest problem I have is what I am supposed to do with half a dozen 5 pound squash and I think more may be on the way soon.  

Squash plants, raspberries and wildflowers 
Cucumbers, some sunflowers are about ready to bloom and small pepper plants are flowering now 

Some of the produce.  I have harvested more of everything since this picture was taken.