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Summer Harvest

I would say and EO would probably agree with my assessment that I would not typically choose to spend my free time gardening.  However, before EO left for Mexico she planted a garden for me to cultivate while she is away.  Although I still don't spend a lot time on it I have managed not to kill off all the plants.  I like the flowers best because I don't have to worry about produce. Currently the biggest problem I have is what I am supposed to do with half a dozen 5 pound squash and I think more may be on the way soon.  

Squash plants, raspberries and wildflowers 
Cucumbers, some sunflowers are about ready to bloom and small pepper plants are flowering now 

Some of the produce.  I have harvested more of everything since this picture was taken.


  1. You are amazing!

    ps. I planted pumpkins and watermelon too. Please don't harvest those before they are ready.

  2. This makes us homesick. You can give the produce to neighbors.