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Phase 1: Complete

JC took his last final of undergraduate school on Thursday.
(He already has his BA, this was for post-bacc)


Next phase of life is here: 
personal statements, letters of recommend, MCATs, graduate level class, GREs, applications, and interviews all while squeezing in a first birthday and biking the coast.
It's going to be a long summer. 

We're anxious to leave C-ville.
I've been having dreams lately that none of the medical schools that JC applies to accept him. That would be tragic. We do have back up plans (if that does happen, but it wont). If he's not accepted anywhere: we'll move to California or Texas then wait a year so he can reapply to the schools there as in-state and increase his likelihood of being accepted.
Of course, this plan is only after moving to Africa to learn from Spirit Healers or going to medical school in the Caribbean.
I'm all for raising Hulk in the Savannah.
He could learn to wrestle crocks and outrun cheetahs.

On a more serious note, being in graduate school while JC is in medical school is going to be strenuous. We have a knack for taking something hard and making it grossly difficult. Date for two years? Check. Long distance marriage? Check. I think that those past experiences we've had are also stepping blocks to help us in the future. We understand how important it is to communicate with each other. We recognize that we are not great at communicating and it is something we are sincerely working on. There are two marriage quotes that I really like:

"Taking time for each other is the key for harmony at home."
-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"I am satisfied that a happy marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it is an anxious concern for the comfort and well being of one's companion." - Pres. Hinckley

Both these quotes suggest taking time to serve your companion. It isn't enough to say, "I love you." You need to show it. As Elder Holland said in a BYU devotional, "real love is shown in the how." He goes on to say that most problems in marriage start in selfishness and true love blooms when we care more about the other person than about ourselves.
After our med/grad school combo - JC and I will be the most selfless couple ever.


Weekend update

We have a few Japanese traditions that JC picked up while on his mission in Japan. One of those traditions is called White Day. On Valentine's Day, the girl does something for the guy. On White Day (March 14th) the guy does something for the girl. Usually of equal value and involving the color white. This year, JC made me a fun note using different types of candy. Hulk had fun tearing it apart.

The parents came into town Friday night. I love it when they come and visit! Long runs with my dad and brothers, playing games as a family - it doesn't get much better. Their reason for coming up this weekend (as opposed to Spring Break) was they were anxious to see how much Hulk had grown in the three weeks since they'd seen him last. 
If I'd known having a kid would give my family incentive to come visit, I would have had one sooner.  
Just kidding, not really.

On Saturday, Zac, Dad, and I went running in The Maze. A couple of months ago I went running there by myself and got lost. Fortunately, I had my phone with me and was able to phone a friend. I had started my run a little too late in the day and without a map (not that it would have helped, the trials weren't marked). While on the phone with my dad, he went over safety rules for staying over night in the woods. He was also able to lead me back to civilization; I'm glad I didn't need to test my shelter building skills that night. Since that experience we've tried to hit The Maze when he comes into town to help me learn it. I'd still run with a phone.

Our car is still having issues. So Dad was kind enough to jack our car up and find where the radiator leak is coming from. Apparently it's from the backside of the engine block freeze plug. Yeah, I didn't even know engines had plugs. We're thinking we might be able to re-seal the plug if we bang on it, but we can't get to it because it's on the backside of the engine.
Just another opportunity to be creative.

ps. My baby is no longer a baby. Sad day :(
It also looks like he inherited my enormous tooth gap.
We'll be taking donations for Hulk's Orthodontist Fund now.

For Spiritual Enlightenment - click here 


My Grievances: To The World

This week started out awful. I swear, Mommy cut milk time in half.
Not cool.
She also wouldn't hold me all day like I wanted. Kept setting me on the carpet (you wouldn't believe what I find on that thing) with some toy in front of me. Hah. Like that parlor trick is going to work after the ten bazillionth time. Doesn't she know that holding your baby all day will help development? Not to mention she has no idea how to do laundry properly; my clothes are becoming smaller with every wash.

Daddy isn't very nice either. He gets to use spoons and eat interesting looking food. Do I? 
Of course not. 
The other day, I was trying to call up my friend from the pre-mortal life (he was born to a much nicer family - they have a dog that likes to have its tail pulled) and Daddy had the audacity to pull the phone out of my mouth mid-sentence!
Mommy also wont let me play with her iPod after I performed my patented quality control checks on it. It's not my fault it wasn't up to code.

Grandpa brought over The Red Hat of Shame. It may be covered in cute little monkey firefighters but this doesn't fool me. Every time Mommy puts it on me I resist out of principle. It messes up my hair and is uncouth. I'm putting in a request for this. I hear people give gifts on birthdays. Just an idea.
For the past several weeks I've been conducting research to see how often my parents will change my clothes. Despite my best efforts they refuse to change me every hour. Recently, I've resorted to spitting up but with no real change in their behavior I'll have to test another hypothesis.


Mommy for the win

Hulk developed a cold shortly after my last post. He was coughing, low fever, stopped eating solids, and the gross bodily excretions. But nothing to be worried about (at least not after a few texts with my favorite doctor). As we moved through the weekend he started to become more clingy and stopped sleeping through the night. By midweek JC and I were worn out and Hulk's temp and spiked to 103. Again, not a big deal, but after having a cold for so long it made us suspicious* that he had an ear infection. *later confirmed over text by my favorite doctor
So we took him to the doctor's. He gave us a prescription and suggested we give him some children's motrin for the pain. Within 5 min this was my previously grumpy baby: 

Drugged up Hulk
Isn't modern medicine amazing? Did I mention he also has FOUR teeth coming in all at once? No wonder he's such a grouch. Now I just need to get him some orajel. 

I'm part of this breastfeeding support group on facebook. They're really into the holistic nature of breastmilk and being all natural. Which is great. Kid has a diaper rash: breastmilk. Kid is teething: amber necklace. And then they suggested putting breastmilk in babies' ears to help with infections. 
The microbiologist in me cringed. 
Please don't put milk in your child's ear. Ever. The warmth may help sooth the pain. 
But so will a nice, warm rice sock. The sock is less risky. Promise.

The day after starting Hulk on antibiotics I left him (napping) on our bed surrounded by a barrier of pillows. Five minutes later I hear a loud *thump* followed by screaming. This hasn't been his first excursion with gravity, probably not his last, but certainly his worst. It left him with a bloody nose and a bruised upper gum.
*Fun fact: Blood coming out of the nose and ear are Hollywood's way of suggesting brain damage but do not occur in real life. Real brain damage would manifest itself as dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, mood swings... all difficult to diagnose in a child but highly unlikely to occur from a short fall off the bed. *information made possible by my favorite doctor 

I think I win the Worst Mommy Ever award. Eh, at least he wont remember any of this.