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Weekend update

We have a few Japanese traditions that JC picked up while on his mission in Japan. One of those traditions is called White Day. On Valentine's Day, the girl does something for the guy. On White Day (March 14th) the guy does something for the girl. Usually of equal value and involving the color white. This year, JC made me a fun note using different types of candy. Hulk had fun tearing it apart.

The parents came into town Friday night. I love it when they come and visit! Long runs with my dad and brothers, playing games as a family - it doesn't get much better. Their reason for coming up this weekend (as opposed to Spring Break) was they were anxious to see how much Hulk had grown in the three weeks since they'd seen him last. 
If I'd known having a kid would give my family incentive to come visit, I would have had one sooner.  
Just kidding, not really.

On Saturday, Zac, Dad, and I went running in The Maze. A couple of months ago I went running there by myself and got lost. Fortunately, I had my phone with me and was able to phone a friend. I had started my run a little too late in the day and without a map (not that it would have helped, the trials weren't marked). While on the phone with my dad, he went over safety rules for staying over night in the woods. He was also able to lead me back to civilization; I'm glad I didn't need to test my shelter building skills that night. Since that experience we've tried to hit The Maze when he comes into town to help me learn it. I'd still run with a phone.

Our car is still having issues. So Dad was kind enough to jack our car up and find where the radiator leak is coming from. Apparently it's from the backside of the engine block freeze plug. Yeah, I didn't even know engines had plugs. We're thinking we might be able to re-seal the plug if we bang on it, but we can't get to it because it's on the backside of the engine.
Just another opportunity to be creative.

ps. My baby is no longer a baby. Sad day :(
It also looks like he inherited my enormous tooth gap.
We'll be taking donations for Hulk's Orthodontist Fund now.

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  1. He is sure interested in everything, especially what he should leave alone. And that's a mouth full of teeth. Maybe that will mean he'll have enough space that he won't need orthodontia later on. They'll move closer together as even more come in.
    Love the maze but the up-hills hurt.
    You (and they) do grow up. Wait till you have to put him on a bus to a magnet school for full day kindergarten.