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Thessle and Teelson

Watermelon birthday cake
The past few weeks has been an adventure. Don't be jealous - we're glad to be home, to have a nice bed to sleep in again, and hope to soon have Hulk on a regular sleep schedule.

We started it off by celebrating Hulk's birthday early on Sunday with family and then hit the road early Monday morning to celebrate his actual birthday at Diamond Lake.

Hot springs: the perfect birthday present!
Hulk lived in the baby carrier while JC and I took turns carrying him. He did awesome! We saw several water falls and cold springs the first day before heading to a hot water spring which ended up being Hulk's favorite. The springs were located on the side of a cliff in Toketee. 

The next day we hiked Cowhorn Mountain and biked around Diamond Lake. That night we watched a thunderstorm roll in over the lake. Wednesday morning we attempted to climb Mt. Theilson but after a few hours of cold and rain decided to turn around and played games in our tent instead.
JC pulling Hulk  

Thursday took us to Crater Lake. We spent a around five hours biking around the rim and getting sunburned. We made several stops for pictures and lunch. After we climbed Garfield Peak and then down to the water. Next time we're bringing swim suits! Apparently the climb up from the water is equivalent to climbing 65 flights of stairs... or so the sign said. Favorite quotes of the day, "With hills like these, who needs stair steppers?" "I am going to have the best butt in the State after this." - EO

Friday we climbed Mt. Scott before heading to Medford. Dad and I ran in the Siskiyou Out-and-Back (SOB) race Saturday morning. He completed a 50k while I ran the 15k. Very nice course with scenic views, can't wait to do the 50k next year!  There were a few hikers on the course and they would ask me if SOB stood for Short Of Breath. It does to me! JC left Hulk and I that afternoon to head north. We followed a few days later after going to a Tuesday afternoon Temple session with Boo and the parents. (Fun fact: Hulk will be 300% his current age the next time he sees Boo). Turns out mom's brother, his wife and several of her family members, were in the same session. They were in the area for a family reunion and tried to sneak through town without telling us. Ha!

Nursing break with Mt. Timpanogos in the background
That Friday Hulk and I joined the Campbells as they went to Utah. We made a stop near Preston, Idaho for the Zelda Hinckley family reunion (JC's great grandmother on his paternal side) before heading to SLC. We stayed at JC's paternal grandmother, Grandma Karen. On Monday JC's dad, Hulk, and I climbed Mt. Timpanogos. It took us around nine hours. Hulk did great! He didn't like the cold at the top but loved the flowers and was constantly trying to lean out of the carrier to pick them (or pull my pig tails). 

Gideon and the Hogle Zoo Elephant
Tuesday, Mom showed up with Boo and Gideon so I left the Campbells to spend time with Zac. We went to This is the Place Monument, the Church History Museum, and a live session at the SLC Temple Tuesday before driving down to Provo on Wednesday. His last meal request was In-N-Out (no wonder he was sick his first day in the MTC); he was anxious to leave us (and Hulk was anxious for a nap). We then went to the new Living Planet Aquarium before heading to Velvet and Carl's. Velvet made us a yummy chicken dinner and we were able to spend some time talking. It was fun to see them and their girls. Thursday I chased Gideon around Hogle Zoo while Hulk slept in his stroller and Mom hung out at the Family History Library. That evening we met with my cousin Vanessa and her husband for dinner at Cafe Rio. (Dear Oregon, please open a franchise here too. Ok? Thanks.) Friday we drove straight back to Southern Oregon - without Zac. 

We spent Friday night in Medford and headed north Saturday afternoon, this time with Dad and Frodazer as well. JC took Hulk and I out to dinner on the water front that evening before Dad and I went to Oak Creek for a run. After church Sunday Gma and Gpa Olsen invited us over for dinner. Upon returning home Dad and I made some delicious edamame burgers. I also made pumpkin muffins and zucchini bread which were promptly packaged to send to Es before anyone could eat it. I ran out of eggs during the process and found a neat website for egg substitutes (it being Sunday). Not only can you substitute applesauce for butter and oil, you can substitute it for egg. Couldn't tell a difference! Next on my list: applesauce muffins. Muffins made entirely from applesauce. 

Monday morning Mom and I ran a few errands (apparently Zo needed 10lbs of chocolate while in the MTC - if that's the case, there must be a serious lack of all things delicious there) before heading to the Olsen family reunion at Camp Alpine. We enjoyed some good runs, swimming in the pond, zip-lining, good food, and great people. Thursday afternoon consisted of eight loads of laundry (no joke) and Friday evening was spent with the Spanish Elders. Now it's back to the mundane. But after all that, it's nice to be home :)
Enjoy some more pictures:

Birthday party
Toketee falls
Helping set up camp at Diamond Lake
Mt. Theilson in the background at Diamond Lake
Biking Crater Lake
Garfield Peak 
Mt. Scott, Crater Lake in background
Mt. Scott again
Happy little hiker on Mr. Timpanogos