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New momma thoughts

I came across this blog a while ago (a friend had posted it on facebook - I think) and I immediately emailed it to JC. I wanted to share it with you too. 
To summarize: you have no personal life after your new baby, no personal time, and you get nothing done. All of which is true. Everything you once knew and enjoyed ends with the addition of that bouncing bundle. 
But that is also the beauty of it.  

All dressed for church
 Some days I'm lucky if I get a run AND a shower in. To be honest, running at this point is a bit excessive; I should be happy just to get the dishes done, or cook dinner, or make the bed in the morning (or even get out of bed). 

But you deal with the crying, the screaming, the refusal to go to sleep when he's so tired he doesn't even know what to do (he thrashes and screams against your chest until hours later he eventually crashes) because everyone says it's worth it.
And it is. 

Little Giraffe 
 When he smiles for the first time and then you and your spouse do every silly thing you can think of just to see that smile again. Or when he first laughs. And it was the neighbor girl that got him to laugh. And you have NO IDEA how she did it. So you spend the next week and a half doing everything your friends tell you that babies think is funny until you finally get a half giggle that was probably more out of pity (if babies even feel pity).

At times (ok, most of the time) it's hard and frustrating because he cries and fusses more than anything else. You get depressed and feel alone (especially when your spouse leaves to spend the night at his parents because the internet at your place is crap) but then your baby gets excited because you laid him down to change his diaper and play with him and he thinks that you're best thing in the world. 

First time at the park
Overall, parenting is what I expected it to be (aside from the PPD - I hate that). It's challenging and exciting. He was a lot easier to take care of inside but he's more fun outside. 


Gigantor (aka Bear Bait)

Our *dare I say it?* little baby is starting to show personality. 
He no longer resembles a large bag of potatoes. 
The neighbor girl got him to laugh last Saturday - no idea how. He's just a sucker for the little ladies. I'm in trouble.

ps. I tried to upload a video of him, no luck. You're all doomed to miss out.