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Mommy for the win

Hulk developed a cold shortly after my last post. He was coughing, low fever, stopped eating solids, and the gross bodily excretions. But nothing to be worried about (at least not after a few texts with my favorite doctor). As we moved through the weekend he started to become more clingy and stopped sleeping through the night. By midweek JC and I were worn out and Hulk's temp and spiked to 103. Again, not a big deal, but after having a cold for so long it made us suspicious* that he had an ear infection. *later confirmed over text by my favorite doctor
So we took him to the doctor's. He gave us a prescription and suggested we give him some children's motrin for the pain. Within 5 min this was my previously grumpy baby: 

Drugged up Hulk
Isn't modern medicine amazing? Did I mention he also has FOUR teeth coming in all at once? No wonder he's such a grouch. Now I just need to get him some orajel. 

I'm part of this breastfeeding support group on facebook. They're really into the holistic nature of breastmilk and being all natural. Which is great. Kid has a diaper rash: breastmilk. Kid is teething: amber necklace. And then they suggested putting breastmilk in babies' ears to help with infections. 
The microbiologist in me cringed. 
Please don't put milk in your child's ear. Ever. The warmth may help sooth the pain. 
But so will a nice, warm rice sock. The sock is less risky. Promise.

The day after starting Hulk on antibiotics I left him (napping) on our bed surrounded by a barrier of pillows. Five minutes later I hear a loud *thump* followed by screaming. This hasn't been his first excursion with gravity, probably not his last, but certainly his worst. It left him with a bloody nose and a bruised upper gum.
*Fun fact: Blood coming out of the nose and ear are Hollywood's way of suggesting brain damage but do not occur in real life. Real brain damage would manifest itself as dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, mood swings... all difficult to diagnose in a child but highly unlikely to occur from a short fall off the bed. *information made possible by my favorite doctor 

I think I win the Worst Mommy Ever award. Eh, at least he wont remember any of this.


  1. We only had to relearn the gravity-overcomes-a-baby-on-a-bed lesson about once per child. Too bad you didn't have a crib. No wait, ....
    I still tell the story of making a diving catch the time you nose-dived (nose-dove?) off the counter while I used the microwave in the vet school break room. It would have made the highlight real.
    I might say that blood or central spinal fluid coming out of orifices can happen but it takes a lot of force and damage, and wouldn't happen without coexisting other signs of major trouble as you concisely outlined.
    My favorite Hollywood moment is (spoiler allert!) when you realize Kevin Costner's character in American Flyers (1985) is the one with the aneurysm which apparently ruptures as evidenced by a bloody nose and extensive grimacing and theatrical suffering when he sacrifices himself to allow his brother to win a bike race. But through grit and determination he overcomes (the ruptured aneurysm?) unscathed to congratulate his brother at the finish.
    Love the smiling picture. Hurrah for warm packs and tylenol or motrin. Fossilized tree resin? Sounds a useful as windex (movie reference: My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

  2. My thoughts on if you're trying to be hippy: Great, so long as it doesn't affect me (or my kid). I also love tree resin. It's good for making syrup.