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Helmets vs wrenches

One of our Christmas presents this year was a bike trailer. We're both into producing less green house gases and a healthier way to travel (but really, we don't want to spend the gas money). It helps that we live in a small, biker friendly town. We recently received a helmet to protect Hulk's developing cranium. He hates it. The monster comes out every time we put try to put it on him. 

Hulk and Frodazer
The weather has been perking up this week (as opposed to the +18 inches of snow two weeks ago). Saturday night I asked JC if he wanted to walk to church the next day. He replied, "why don't we bike?" So we did. It was warm and prefect weather on the way there. By the time church was over it had started sprinkling. Someone kindly asked if we needed a ride since it was raining. We smiled and said no thank you.

Last year we had some car problems. On the way to WinCo the engine overheated and I had a small panic attack. Fortunately we keep a gallon of water in the car (just in case). Ken came over the next day to diagnose the problem - nothing happened. He told us we could try replacing the radiator cap and we gave him a pumpkin muffin as thanks.

We brought the tool box out during this process and learned that Hulk has an affinity for wrenches. Given that they're shiny, make noise when hit against an object, easily fit in his hand, and something I don't want him to play with - it's understandable.

JC and Hulk
Future engineer?


  1. Glad you didn't melt. You have to watch for traffic, but we should all bike more.
    He looks good in the helmet. Hopefully the thrill of the ride overcomes the hassle of the helmet.
    I think I recognize that tool box :)

  2. It's probably our favorite wedding gift - based on how much it gets used.
    He seems to enjoy the ride and will even coo.