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A very pumpkiny post

JC drove down for a visit a many weekends ago so we tried to pretend like we are exciting people and actually do things.

We went to a Family Farm with a corn maze, hay ride, and lost of farming byproducts. 

Climbing around a pile of hay

Lost in the corn maze so we stopped for a photo opp

Took a hay ride out to a pumpkin patch

Hunting for the perfect pumpkin

Found some!

Ended up getting two ~40 lb pumpkins 

 We did not have time to carve them while JC was in Cville so EO took them with her when she went to the Emerald City.

JC modeling how to carve pumpkins

Right before attempting to eat the gross mush. 

Planning how to carve the perfect pumpkin

EO's pumpkin turned to mush before a photo shoot could be taken but JC's turned out fierce!


  1. I like how you still identify yourself with an O. Also that might be one of the worst picks of me (the one with the knife)

  2. Yeah, you look like Edward, the vampire guy. You two know how to have fun.

  3. I thought you looked pretty cute =)

    Thanks Gma!