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Campbell's Kitchen:

Life can get kind of crazy sometimes. 

As it happens we have a close relative *cough* Grandpa *cough* who likes to garden. He also likes to over plant one type of vegetable like tomatoes. This years victim of choice was zucchini.   

When said relative decided to ditch town we were left to learn how to garden on the go. During this time period roughly 17 zucchini were collected. While several of these bad boys were passed on to another poor, unsuspecting relative we were left under a mound of zucchini and only our creative genius to use as a shovel to get us out.

Exhibit 1: How not to eat zucchini

Exhibit 2: Zucchini Casserole (think Broccoli Casserole)  

Exhibit 3: Fried Zucchini (inspired by Fried Green Tomatoes)

 Exhibit 4 (and probably the best): Zucchini Spice Cake

Exhibit 5: Yakisoba (Japanese fried noodles, vegetables, and chicken. Yum!)

At this point we had to throw away several fallen soldiers and in a last attempt to save the rest we made zucchini bread. *Shout out to JC for grating over 10 cups of Zucchini*  The recipe made seven loaves of bread and an estimated sixty mini-muffins.

Exhibit 6: Zucchini Bread

(We're so Japanese we walk around the house barefoot,  use chopsticks to stir, flip frying food, and check to see if the bread is done)

Thank you to Allrecipes.com and Simplerecipes.com for your support and inspiration.

ps. After having disposed of all the Zucchini a new one found its way to our humble abode.  Last time we invite said relative over for dinner again ;)

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  1. Very entertaining. Grandpa
    Hilarious. You make me think he was right in pulling them up today. Thanks for the lovely supper. If we promise not to bring a zucchini, will you invite us again? Grandma