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Olympic Peninsula

Near the end of the summer EO and I took a weekend trip up to the Olympic National Park to do some camping and backpacking. Neither of us had ever been there so it was an ideal place for us to go and explore. We had fun and learned a few things for the next time we take a trip together. I'm pretty sure we will bring a more detailed road map and more food in the car for the drive.

Click to view Park Trail Map

On our first day in the park we backpacked about 11.5 miles and gained over 3000 feet of elevation. We traveled from the North Fork Trailhead up to Three Lakes and then continued to Three Prune to camp for the night.

We saw the World's Largest Alaskan Yellow Cedar. We didn't encounter much wildlife but, EO was able to make a friend within the first couple of miles.

Some scenery from day 1

The most beautiful scenery of the trip in my opinion

On the day 2 we hiked along Skyline Ridge toward Kimta Peak and climbed to the top of what is now known as Campbell's Lookout. About 9 miles round trip. We then backpacked out, adding another 13 miles to our pedometers. We went to Elip Creek then continuing along the North Fork Quinault River completing the loop back to the trailhead.

There were a lot of waterfalls along this stretch of the trail. EO seemed to like when we'd stop on the bridges to look at them.

So over two days we did about 25 miles backpacking and 9 miles hiking. We were tired but it was a great trip and we hope to go back again.


  1. Beautiful country!

  2. What a nice blogpost. The love shows through.

  3. If I remember correctly you would make us stop each time we crossed a bridge.