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A night in Africa

The African Student Association (ASA) on campus held a night to commemorate their culture. The night included: food, two drumming groups, three dancing troupes, a short skit, a video clip, a comedian, a fashion show, and (the reason we came) a cheetah - not necessarily in that order.

On my way to Malawi

Decorations before the show

The big guy on the drums smiled and laughed the whole time, everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves

CHEETAH: She's from the Wild Life Safari and they walked her around the room. She got within 3ft of me but was too quick for my camera =(    Fun Fact: When she was younger they had to amputate her tail

More happy performers


  1. I think I've met that cat before! She's beautiful. I love the Wildlife Safari and Africa too

  2. Why did they amputate her tail?

  3. There was some sort of nerve damage.

  4. Gideon seems happy when he's pounding on things too :-)