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Survived Week 1

Bottom line: our child is perfect.
Be jealous, that's ok.

JC did a photo shoot with the offspring. We've decided we're never doing a photo shoot of a newborn by ourselves again. Never.

The other day JC commented on why he had suddenly started locking the front door when we are home. He doesn't want someone walking in and taking our baby. <3

I love having Hulk around. It does not bother me that it's a 24/7 job. If anything, I have an irrational fear that someone will show up on our doorstep and say, "Thanks for babysitting, we'll take our baby back now."
But then I realized, I have been hired as a full time babysitter. I will have this position for the rest of my life. While I created the body Hulk uses, he's a son of God. I am a stand-in. I have been hired to teach Hulk of his heavenly parentage and how to get back to Heaven. And I have only 18 years to instill such a knowledge that he's prepared to teach others.

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  1. Good insight. And during those 18 years you will learn to gradually let go.