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Bikes + Coast

Sunset on the beach
JC and I took Hulk to the coast this past week. It was awesome. We biked just over 120 miles over three days pulling Hulk in a trailer and camping in state parks.

Mommy's little camper
 BTW, it only costs $6 per person per night (and Hulk doesn't count as a person). To car camp it costs $21 per night.  There was a county park that wanted to charge us an initial $18 plus $9 per additional person (including Hulk) - that wasn't going to happen. We have decided to be hiker/biker from now on. Our car camping days are in the past!

The weather was practically perfect: overcast, slight sprinkling, tail wind. It only rained hard a few times and only briefly, we were able to dry out pretty quickly. We did not enjoy the hills too much but the views made up for it. We saw at least a dozen different kinds of birds. One night some raccoons came into our campsite; we had everything packed up but they still searched. The last day the rear derailleur on my bike blew a sprocket. We were within 20 miles of our car at that point. JC biked on ahead while I taught Hulk how to play in the sand. At first Hulk just wanted to play in the parking lot but I was able to convince him getting dirty in the sand was more fun.

Sneaky little devil
JC-ism of the trip: Look, there's a black beetle. I've seen nature and it is dis-gus-ting!

Our only regrets: the trip was so short, the tent flooded, my bike broke.
Otherwise it was a great!  :) 

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