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The holiday season has been upon us for some weeks now. In between Christmas commercials, shopping, and scouring pinterest you should find time to watch this short video put out by the church:

President Uchtdorf also has a few thoughts to share in this month's Liahona.

The greatest gift was given to us years ago in Bethlehem and then again in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus Christ by his example, life, and atonement is the reason. If there had been no Easter, there would be no Christmas. #HeIsTheGift

What gift are you giving Christ this year?

Ps. If you're feeling exceptionally righteous here is a link to the Christmas Devotional. Warning: Sis. Oscarson spills the beans on Santa. If you have small children be sure that they are trying exceptionally hard to not pay attention during her talk.
You're welcome. 

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