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To my baby sister

Dear Karna,

Happy 21st birthday! I imagine, had you the opportunity, you would have followed in EW's footsteps and served a mission. With the age change you'd probably be just coming home. For a short period of time mom and dad would have had three kids in the field.

I still think about you. Lots. When people ask how many siblings I have, I falter between five and four. The day you were born is one of my strongest childhood memories. I remember how excited I was and how tired mom looked. I remember when we went to visit in the hospital - I asked dad if I could hold you and he paused before he said yes but I had to sit on his lap first. I sat on his lap, someone put a pillow on my lap, and then I was able to hold you.

I remember the day you died. I woke up and you weren't there. I asked mom where you were and she said that you were on an airplane to Oregon. I was mad because she didn't wake me up to say goodbye. At your funeral, I asked mom if I could touch your arm. It was cold and hard. During the service Meghan and I picked flowers that were growing under a nearby tree. For awhile after our home was filled with flowers. Mom would yell at EW or I if we touched the lilies.

You were born, and died, at an appropriate time of year when we celebrate Easter, rebirth, and Spring. General Conference was held this last weekend. It's a boon as it spiritually uplifts and reminds me of the Plan of Happiness and the covenants I've made. I know that Heavenly Father has a greater plan for you and that you are doing a great work, serving a spiritual mission, where ever you are.

I love you,


Locke Cemetery - December 2015


  1. Love you Em. Thanks for preserving these memories.

  2. thanks, sis.
    I love my girls.