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Small blessings

Waiting for our plane
Hulk and I flew home late Christmas Eve. We had been visiting my in-laws in SLC. JC had flown out with us but left a few days before because he had to work. So 11pm mst on Dec 24th we were in the airport watching the snow fall outside. I had been monitoring our flight all day as the local news predicted a major snow storm. Each time I checked, the website said our flight was on time. When Hulk and I got through security I checked the monitors for our gate assignment and sure enough - our plane was late. It was only an hour late but then, because of the snow, the plane had to be defrosted. We had a layover in Charlotte and missed our connecting flight. So we spent Christmas morning in the airport enjoying bagels from Einstein Bros and watching planes taxi. Instead of getting home around 9am and going to church (where I was supposed to play the piano) we got home around noon. And you know what, I'm not even upset about it. The spirit had forewarned me and there's nothing I could have done differently. It was out of my control (aside from spending $$ that I don't have to get an earlier plane ticket).
Hulk's train yard (thank you Santa)

Hulk's daycare is closed this week but JC and I both have to work. So I loaded my car up with Hulk's stroller as well as food and toys for him to play with while I checked on my tissue cultures. As I pulled out of my parking spot the car seemed off balance and not handling well. Granted I hadn't driven it in almost two weeks but I felt impressed to get out and check. Sure enough, I had a flat tire. So I pulled back into my parking spot, contemplated what to do and ultimately decided to get Hulk and everything back inside. (I have a spare but I couldn't see any obvious puncture marks on the tire so I want to try re-inflating it first and the pump is in JC's car)
Not five minutes after we had entered our apartment Hulk started throwing up. So I washed him, changed his clothes, and sent him to bed. He had been complaining of his stomach hurting all day but with no other symptoms I hadn't quarantined him. Had my car tire not been flat he would have thrown up in my car (or worse, at work). At home I am able to give him the car and attention he needs.

Usually, this string of events would put me in a pretty bad mood.
But right now, I feel pretty blessed. <3
(but I'm still not excited about cleaning barf from my carpet - better than my car, right??)

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