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Old World Disease in a New World

My background is in microbiology. During my undergraduate courses they would mention diseases like Small Pox or Measles simply to illustrate the effect of the pathogen but would never go into any serious epidemiology. But you still had a sense of "unless I go to a small country that doesn't have plumping or electricity I'll never see this."

Not Hulk but looks exactly like his rash.
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Flash forward a few years to Monday night. Hulk put himself down to bed two hours early with a fever and the start of a rash on his chest. Tuesday morning his body is covered and the fever had persisted. I figure he has a viral infection (no big deal) but decided to follow a prompting from the Holy Ghost to take him in. He had Scarlet Fever. Seriously, who gets Scarlet Fever? No one. (well, almost no one)

During the day he has been a very well behaved patient nor have I had to worry about him getting into things at work. I even had him help me make some protein gels yesterday :) At night he is up every few hours in pain and screaming. The rash is very itchy and the high fever causes his hands and feet to swell and hurt. But he has responded really well to the antibiotic, there's hope yet.

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