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Campbell Christmas Letter

Happy Holidays from the Campbells

            This was special year for our family as we were joined by our first child on July 21st.  Hulk, when feed and dry, is one of the happiest kids you’ll ever meet.  Until recently he
had the cutest gummy grin.  While still cute his lower front teeth have started to come in.  For Christmas, Hulk just wants his two front teeth.  Some of his favorite things to do include: putting things in his mouth, snuggling, laughing at faces, standing up and spinning in circles as he tries to teach himself to crawl.  He has just started tasting solids but hasn't decided that he wants to eat them yet.
            In the spring, EO and JC were assistant coaches on the High School track team.  JC worked with sprinters (1st year as coach) and EO with distance (2nd year).  In August we took our first trip with Hulk to the coast.  In September, we took a two week vacation visiting Utah to see family then headed up to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We camped and were able to go on several good hikes.  In November, we moved into a new apartment and became apartment managers. 
            In March, EO graduated with a degree in microbiology. She has been studying to take the GRE to go to graduate school in the future.  She has continued her position
tutoring student athletes at the university.  After having Hulk (piece of cake!), EO began training so that she can run in a 50K race this coming spring.  In the fall, EO was an assistant coach for the HS cross country team (3rd year as coach).
            JC has been taking science courses at the university the past year to apply to medical school.  He spent the summer studying for the MCAT and tutoring physics students.  He will be finishing his course work in March of next year and going through the application process starting at the beginning of the summer.  In November, he began as an assistant basketball coach at HS for the girls JV2 team.  With his father as head coach they form one of the best father and son coaching tandems at the JV level in the city.

JC, EO and Hulk

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