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Winter Wonderland

Thursday night it started snowing in Corvallis and didn't stop until Friday night. The official report was 9 inches. JCstill had class Friday morning but by noon the University and shut down. 

Up to his armpits in snow

Church was canceled on Sunday and the Corvallis Nativity Festival is being held for limited hours. 
JC found out today that his Monday morning final (that he had been prepping for all weekend) was pushed back to 8:00pm Tuesday. He has two hard finals (Biochemistry and Cellular Molecular Biology) Wednesday so this does not make him a happy camper. He's going to try and contact the professor but it's not likely she'll let him take it any other time.

You could lose a baby in all that snow!

We tried making a snowman but the snow is too fluffy! Underneath that fluff is ice. I opted to do the majority of my long run Saturday on a treadmill and the short time I was outside could be compared to ice skating.

Someone asked how Hulk liked his first snow day. Well, he enjoyed watching it from the window but did not enjoy being cold while outside. We spent maybe 5 minutes in the snow before he demanded to be brought back in.

Stay safe and warm! 

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