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Easter +

It had been my goal to start putting up a weekly update. 
But we're busy people: school, work, baby, etc. You understand.

The tube at the park
On the swing with Scott

JC's sister came down last weekend for their mom's birthday. It was great to see her. Apparently someone stole their mom's poppies from her front yard (who does that?) so we bought her new flowers for her birthday. JC's sister bought her an HP touch screen laptop. You can tell who the favorite child is, right? 
At least I am still the favorite in-law.

 Class is keeping me busy. I have 102943983 hours of reading every night, a course project that I'm not sure how to interpret the data (the colorful charts my program outputted look pretty), and weekly labs. The first midterm is this next Friday. The students I tutor also have midterms this week and want extra hours with me to prepare. Hello, go study and read the book. (No really, they want to learn but they have no study skills)

Hulk is always super excited when I get home. He'll be playing with JC when I come in and as soon as he sees me he smiles big and bee-lines it to me. It I don't pick him up the Hulk-monster comes out.

JC has been receiving tons of calls about apartments. While talking to someone in Kentucky, he said that JC was the most helpful manager he'd talked to. That's my man :)

Easter morning we listened to conference talks from Elder Cook (2010) and Elder Holland (2009) while I made cookies for my class (and then forgot them on the kitchen counter). I have an awesome and crazy class. It consists of two 7 yo boys. I don't know what I'd do if I had more. One is turning eight next month and mentions every class period how he's getting an iPhone 5 for his birthday (um, dad - my birthday is coming up, we should talk). Other topics that were brought up: spanking bums, Heaven is on the Sun, Jesus will die again when he reaches 750 years, Judaism vs Christianity, and Penny the dog,  just to name a few.
The topic I prepared was on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - somehow we always manage to get sidetracked. It's mostly one boy spewing randomness. When it's inappropriate to the lesson (ie bum spanking) I tell him that's not something we're going to talk about. If it's incorrect doctrine (Jesus dying, again) I try to correct him. Teaching 7 yo's about death and how after we're resurrected we wont die again is hard.

I'm grateful for the sacrifice Christ made for me. Every moment I have a chance to be better and look forward with hope.

Why I celebrate Easter: here.


  1. Glad you are loving the two boys in your class. It sounds like one of them really needs attention and TLC. Gpa

  2. I love the bunny outfit!!! Good job keeping up with all the stuff you have going on.