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10 things I never thought I would say to my child

He's not exceptional but he's special to us.

1. No, you've had enough hummus.
2. This is sand, you play in it. No, please don't cry! It's ok to get dirty...
3. You don't need to clean your hands in between each bite at dinner.
4. Your diaper is dry, it doesn't need to be changed.
5. Can I have a turn vacuuming? 
6. We can't go for a run right now. [We've already gone for a run today.]
7. It's ok that [it] spilled, we'll clean it up when you're done. 
8. You don't need to wash your hands.
9. You want to say another prayer? This will be the 1043894832nd one today!
10. You can't wear your shoes to bed [in the bath].

True story.


  1. Sounds like you're good at explaining things to him. We miss you!

  2. I well remember those days. 😄