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JC, Hulk and I are currently on our way home from visiting family. We've missed them, the rain, the mountains. Hulk has missed his paternal grandmother (Nana). A Lot. He calls her multiple times everyday (and he's only 2).

Some highlights from our trip were attending the temple with my sister and parents
We were able to visit the temple 4 times!
Hiking and trail running
Our little Hiker :)
JC and I finally caved and traded in our rear facing carseat for a forward facing. Hulk loves telling (shouting at) us to stop when the light is red and to go when it is green. He also complains about the belt and tries to get out of his carseat. This is new to us. 2+ years in his other carseat and he never tried to escape. Not once.
Switched to forward seating
We visited my sister's grave for a family picture (just missing my missionary brother!). She died shortly after birth when I was 5 (it was expected - the ultrasound showed that she had anencephaly). New years day my dad taught me how to make ├Žbelskiver (you're the best!). It was a very happy moment until we got the call that my dad's youngest brother had died in a car crash that morning leaving his wife and three daughters behind (13, 11, and 9 y/o). 
I miss him and cannot fathom what his wife and daughters are going through right now. He was one of the kindest people I've known. I take comfort in the atonement and knowing we have a Father in Heaven who knows and loves us. With the way everything was timed, I do not doubt that He had a hand in this. I do not understand why this would happen but I know that everything will work out in the end. I am grateful to know that I can be with my family forever and that someday I will be able to give my uncle another hug.
Our forever family
A few days before we were set to go home JC's mom mentioned that his older sister was asking if he'd be interested in a job where she works (essentially she was offered a promotion and they're searching for someone to fill her shoes). JC believes this would be a good career move. My two big inhibitors are quitting school and moving. A year ago we felt that moving clear across the country was the right decision. But if JC had been asked to apply for this job a year ago I'm not sure he would have. God has a strange way of working our lives but maybe the change we made a year ago was to help prepare us for the change that is up ahead. But then again I may just be over anxious as he still has to interview for and be offered the job. We've got awhile ;)

Here's my list (I'm still working on it):

PRO:                                                      CON:
Close to family                                       I would have to quit school
JC career                                                Another BIG move
Mountains/trails                                     JC could find a job where we're at (albeit not as good)  
Family (they're that important)              We would not be able to buy a house for another year+
Closer to the temple (like 50 of them)   I would be a single mom until the term ended unless I
More time with Hulk                                 quit in the middle of the term
                                                               Utah Mormons (don't be offended, you know it's true)

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