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Mother's Day Weekend

We had a good, family-filled weekend, and for all those that have been anxiously tuning in to read about our car drama, good news! The car is fixed.
I hope it stays that way for a few weeks, at least.

Dad had the new part shipped to our apartment (crank sensor?) and when he got into town Friday night crawled underneath our car to replace it. I love having a Dad who is so helpful, supportive, and knows his way around a car. Saturday, Boo and I ran in our first 50k (it was Dad's 10th time running the same race). We both had a good learning experience and are anxious for the next one.
Sunday we had JC's dad and brother over for dinner (his mom is in SLC). Hulk impressed everyone with his cute mannerisms and energy as he made mischief around the apartment.

For the mothers in our lives, JC and I made cards using Hulk's toe prints. We added a picture taken from Easter with Hulk wearing a hat and tail I made for the occasion (because who doesn't love a baby bunny?). 
Getting Hulk to participate is difficult and never fun but we think they turned out pretty cute ;)

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